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Oct. 3rd, 2011 @ 01:53 pm New
this new type of relationship, very different, different communication styles..completely.., different expectations..I sometimes wonder if I can do it....

I really try to work hard to be the woman I am intended to be, by whoever the fuck my higher power for the day is. Apparently I need to work harder, much harder.... diligence, Rach, is the only way.... I'd often like to diligently run my head through a wall....

I guess this means its time to pick up the book, read, and write...

I have a new sponsee, thank god for her... she keeps me connected, because I am accountable to her, to walk her through the steps to the best of my ability with god's help.... as soon as I get a few more things figured out, start working with a new sponsor (if nothing else at least in addition to the one I am working with now), and figure out this disability, school stuff, then I will be available to take on a couple more sponsee's..

I think I'm hungry..
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