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Sniff this............

it smells like love

She's lost her mind
20 August 1980

We Love Oxygen

24hourdays, acceptance, alcoholics anonymous, angels, anger, ani difranco, art, astrology, awakenings, beauty, being flexible, bidwell park, bikes, bitches, bitter, blankies, body art, body modification, bondage, boxing, buddhism, burlesque, chai, chico, coffee, colored hair, commitment, computers, confusion, cooking, corsets, crying, cuddling, damn comfortables, dancing, desire, dreams, dressing up, emergency medicine, equality, erotica, esteemable acts, ethics, experience strength and hope, eyes, family, fellowship, flirting, friends, gardening, girls, god, great danes, helping people, homegrown food, honesty, hope, horoscopes, hugs, ice cream, independence, insanity, intelligence, jack, jaded, journaling, joy, juicing, karma, kissing, laughing, laughter, learning, lifting weights, lipgloss, love, loving, makeovers, makeup, margaret cho, massage, medical sciences, meditation, mindfulness, movies, mushy, music, my family, my garden, my hp, my juicer, my nephews, nature, new beginnings, nudity, nurses, open minded, pain, painting, passion, personalities, photography, poetry, powerlessness, prayer, principles, psychology, recovery, relationships, resentment, riding my bike, romance, running, school, screaming, sculpture, self-respect, service, sex, sharing, sharing the message, sleeping, snuggling, sobriety, sociology, sparkly things, spirituality, sponsees, sponsorship, strength, suffering, sushi, talking, tattoos, telling the truth, thai cuisine, thai food, the 12 steps, the cure, thrift stores, tolerance, trust, trusting in god, understanding, willingness, women, working out, writing